Vulnerability Assessment
Analyse your System Strength

Vulnerability Assessment

If your site containts confidential data, you must know the value of that data. Security of the confidential data is a responsibility to prevent leak or spread by unauthorized access. For that, to take appropriate actions to secure information, you aware about the strength of your security system if you are use.

Assessments may be conducted on behalf of a range of different organizations, from small businesses up to large regional infrastructures. These are typically performed according to the following steps :

Cataloging Assets & Resources

Into this step, we cataloging system assets and resources based on the priority and data importance. It is initial step for vulnerability assessment report wherewe are listing the available resources in the system and measuring the strength or weakness of the security to prevent unauthorized access.

Assigning Importance to the System

Assigning quantifiable value and importance to the system for improving most valuable resource security and avoid unauthorized access. Work starts on the bases of the importance of the system and analyse the security strength against attack on confidential data.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

After assigning appropriate importance to the system resource, initialize the process of finding vulnerabilities and potential threats to each resource. It is stage where we identify potential threats and sorting according to the risk management for secure and robust system.

Eliminate Vulnerabilities

Once analyse the report of the available potential threats or vulnerabilities in your system, we mitigate or eliminating the most serious vulnerabilities for the most valuable resources of system.

Once the above process complete, we design the report into human readable format with anaytics of the each process and vulnerability risk available in system. Report with graphical information is easy to understand and take the action against the weak point of the security to preventing attack on confidential data of the system. Vulnerability Assessment report is useful to make your system robust and improving your security.

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