Custom Security Module
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Custom Security Module

Security is process, not a product. Appclick provides custom security modules for your existing system to prevent unauthorized access or prevent to steal confidential data. Our custom module provide robust security to your system and able to prevent security breaches from where to data is stealing.

Appclick analyse your system and sort out available vulnerabilities to develop modules that prevent hacktivities against it. We can develop custom modules for the following functionalities :

For your Website

  1. Form based security module

  2. Safe Page Redirection / Remote File inclusion module

  3. Protect Sql Injection Database insert / update / delete module

  4. Accurate Data Validation module

  5. Secure and Encrypted Data Transfer module

  6. Robust File Upload/Download module

  7. Vulnerable Script protector module

  8. Other Custom module

For your Software

  1. Protect Key Duplication module

  2. Abort Reverse Engineering Process module

  3. Prevent pirated version making module

  4. Secure data transfer layer module

  5. Encrypted Files/Data module

  6. Other Custom module

For your Network

  1. Secure Data Transmission module

  2. Protect Network Security breaches module

  3. Avoid Unauthorized Access module

  4. Secure Network Data Monitoring module

  5. Other Custom module

Why Custom Security module Require

  1. Existing system contain confidential data and not neccessary to cover full system security, there is custom security module required to protect a specific section of the system that perform data operations.

  2. Custom security module is for improve the security service to your valuable part of the system that contain high level risk of vulnerability.

  3. Tools of security service or software that doesn't properly secure your high confidential data, you required custom security module for the same.

Please Contact Us if you need more helps or information regarding to the Custom Security Module.

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